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40,000 people flock to the Deux Rives for a two-day festival

Some 40,000 people flocked to À la conquête de l’Est (How the East was Won), a two-day festival in the COOP on 24 and 25 September 2016. With the air full of the exotic aromas of food cooking on the Street-Bouche festival food trucks, visitors had a great time exploring the Deux Rives / Zwei Ufer  project in the old Wine Cellars, driving themselves along the Strasbourg to Kehl tram line in a rail bike,  being shown round the COOP buildings or seeing a birds-eye view of the site through a drone connected to virtual reality headsets. A memorable weekend which helped Strasbourg’s population renew acquaintance with the Rhine and take over the Deux Rives / Zwei Ufer project for a couple of days.