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A documentary on the history of COOP Alsace

COOP headquarters in the 1930's

The history of COOP Alsace lasted a hundred years before it came to an abrupt end when the company went into receivership in 2015. The enterprise left a lasting mark both on the Alsace mindset and on its architectural heritage, with its old headquarters in the Port du Rhin district. The long and often tumultuous story began with a single grocer’s shop in 1904 on rue des Dentelles in Strasbourg and grew into a major group with thousands of employees. The company’s history mirrored that of the cooperative movement, survived two world wars and expanded during the trente glorieuses post-war growth period before crashing down to earth and closing its doors just a couple of years ago.

Strasbourg filmmaker Alexis Metzinger, the author of documentaries such as one on famous illustrator John Howe and the much-praised À la recherche du Hobbit  (Looking for the Hobbit), shown on the Franco/German ARTE TV channel in 2014, is making a documentary on the history of COOP Alsace, helped by Philippe Wendling, the journalist and author of the book Coop Alsace: Plus d’un siècle de complicité partagée  (Coop Alsace: over a century of sharing), published in 2014. The documentary will relate the history of the movement, with archive material and interviews with ex COOP employees. It is scheduled to be broadcast on France 3 Alsace before summer 2017.