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COOP: the Virgule is looking for tenants

©Alexandre Chemetoff
© Arnauld Duboys Fresney

Last December, the City of Strasbourg launched its first two Calls for Expression of Interest for the two COOP buildings. Project leaders are to be selected in early 2017 to breathe fresh life into the COOP’s garage, the carpentry shop and the old wood workshops, all of which are located on the Virgule (comma) area and cover a total surface area of 3000 m². The buildings are to be renovated and developed as creative components, dedicated to art, culture or business. Special low rents will be applied, in return for the new tenants working together on a cooperative basis, to restore the kind of spirit that kindled the COOP movement for over a century. The new facilities are scheduled to open in the first half of 2019.