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Strasbourg, ecological and socially inclusive

Deux Rives-Zwei Ufer bolsters the foundations of an ecological and socially-inclusive Eurometropolis, a guiding principle which features in all the territory’s projects. The objectives are set out in the Eco-city process and in the sustainable development and environment reference document for the Deux Rives, and are symbolised by the rehabilitation of the Coop Alsace site.

The Deux Rives Ecocity is a key feature of the overall project and is designed to provide an inventive, crosscutting approach to the sustainable city, from Heyritz to Kehl.

The Ecocity is a driving force for social and environmental innovation, examples of which include the Pass Mobilité, shared parking, community housing, wood constructions, positive energy tower block and urban-project cultural and citizen activation.

Initiatives put forward within the area covered by SPL Deux-Rives (Deux Rives concerted development zone) include sustainable mobilities, the “activation guide-plan” and its actions relating to cultural and citizen involvement, energy performance and supply strategy, ground remediation and management strategy and the development of the Coop project.

SPL Deux-Rives has also introduced a “sustainable development and environment reference document for the Deux-Rives”, based on the Strasbourg Eurometropolis reference document, which sets out the processes relating to sustainable development and housing and the actions to be implemented by SPL Deux-Rives and the project stakeholders (in particular real-estate developers). The final part of the reference document is the tranvers+, a series of transversal commitments. Each project is committed to focusing on innovation, creating new references and introducing them into subsequent projects.

In collaboration with architect Alexandre Chemetoff, the Coop is becoming the focal-point for inventing a cooperative culture for the city, The culture, which is to be included in all projects, sets out to provide a collaborative, innovation-led, citizen-based approach. The process involves exchanging cultures, knowledge, ideas and expertise, to help drive economic and socially-inclusive projects with a European perspective and in tune with the Rhine Port area, from which a cross-border “coop network” will gradually take shape.

The Coop project is therefore the tangible and intangible embodiment of the original COOP Alsace cooperative movement.

For further details: https://strasbourgdeuxrives.eu/en/fiche/the-coop-a-cooperative-culture-for-the-city/