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The history of the Port of Strasbourg

Strasbourg enjoys an excellent location at the confluence of the rivers Ill, Bruche and Rhine and the city rapidly became an important commercial crossroads between northern Italy, Basel and the North Sea ports.

The building of the Rhône-Rhine and Marne-Rhine canals in the 19th century opened Strasbourg up to the French domestic market, significantly increasing the importance of the port.

The opening of the Bassin du Commerce and the Bassin de l’Industrie waterways in 1896 finally linked Strasbourg back up with its river.

The Independent Port of Strasbourg was created in 1924 and it is now home to about 350 companies and 10,000 employees. The port handles some 400,000 containers every year and is a major part of the regional economy. The companies within the port area play a key role in the Deux-Rives project.

For further details: http://www.strasbourg.port.fr/