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The “Cave à vins” (wine cellar) is the Alsace Coop’s old storage and bottling building.

The City of Strasbourg and the local public enterprise SPL Deux-Rives are now beginning the transformation of the district by refurbishing this iconic building by means of a programme combining cultural, event, community, socio-economic, leisure and/or catering spaces. This redevelopment will be activated, operated and managed by the successful project leader(s) in the current call for proposals.

The Cave à vins is intended to become:


·         Attractive to locals (residents and workers of the district) and visitors alike;

·         A lively place to spend time as it offers fantastic, high quality eating places and activities;

·         A place with a sense of continuity with the COOP spirit. It is thus consistent with a philosophy promoting local produce sourcing, resource sharing, solidarity and environmental responsibility, etc.

·         A place which is in keeping with its background and promotes the local heritage;

·         A unifying place, bringing together networks of stakeholders (economic, voluntary, cultural, etc.), which energise the region;

·         A place comprising spaces capable of fostering the proliferation of a range of activities;

·         A place in which the levels of occupation, like the areas used, can vary according to day of the week and time of the year.

·         An open, friendly place, that can be appropriated/visited by large numbers of people;

·         A place with its own strength and identity;

·         A versatile, evolving place, which consolidates its programme from the start.


These aims are for information purposes only and are not exhaustive or ranked in any way.