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The doors open at the Rhéna clinic


Clinique Rhena Crédits SPL Deux—Rives / David Betzinger

30 months after work started, the Rhéna clinic has opened for business. The new clinic came about through the merger of three Strasbourg clinics, Adassa, Sainte-Odile and Diaconat. The shiny new 30,000 m² building, located a short hop from the Rhine, will have 368 beds, 24 operating theatres and 7 delivery rooms. Over a thousand healthcare professionals will be working in the centre, including 300 medical practitioners and surgeons, follow-up care and rehabilitation specialists, obstetricians and emergency doctors. It will be able to treat some 150,000 patients every year, 80% of them in outpatient care.

Clinique Rhéna
10 rue François Epailly
Tel: +33 390 674 362