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Starlette, from the Cathedral to the Port, and the Vosges to the Black Forest: a panorama over the city

Starlette enjoys an outstanding location along the western side of the bassin Vauban and the future Parc du Petit Rhin, near the tram station and the Coop development. Its somewhat unusual name comes from the coal-pellet production and storage facility which used to operate on the site.

A new linear park is to be built on the western side, running along the bassin Vauban, while to the east, an urban park will cover what used to be the “Petit Rhin”, a branch of the Rhine which was covered up in the 1950s.

1800 homes and 50,000 m² of office space and neighbourhood shops are to be built between the green band of the Parc de Petit Rhin and the blue band of the bassin Vauban. The terracing design of the buildings will offer generous views over the cathedral and the Vosges to the west and over the Port and the Black Forest, to the east.

To maintain an enhanced quality-of-life and safeguard the port-based activities, the district will be free of traffic. The rue du Petit du Rhin is to be redesigned to provide access for local traffic, while through-traffic and lorries will be taken along the new Rue du péage (inter-port link) bypass road.

Starlette will be a district for living, working and relaxing in, offering all the amenities for urban life, with play and leisure areas in the Parc du Petit Rhin and the promenade area along the Bassin Vauban. A kindergarten and primary school are to be built in the middle of the park and the district will be connected by public transport and will feature mobility centres and neighbourhood shops round the StarCoop-Petit Rhin tram station, along with restaurants and cafés along the waterfronts. All the cultural and business facilities of the Coop will be just a short walk away.


 Starlette in figures:

  • 190 000 m² of building area, with 1800 diversified homes, and 50,000 m² of office space, shops and services.
  • 1 new urban park, running along the bed of the old Petit Rhin,
  • 1 linear park, running along the bassin Vauban,
  • 1 kindergarten and primary school, in the centre of the parc du Petit Rhin
  • 1 tram station and 2 mobility centres (shared parking and mobility services)

 Starlette provisional timeline

Spring 2017

Extension of tram line D and opening of the StarCoop-Petit Rhin station in 2019*, with the arrival of the first inhabitants and employees and with the opening of the Coop socio-cultural facilities

> First call for tenders for real estate developers for building the homes and offices


> Opening of the new rue du péage bypass road (inter-port link, project managed by the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg) to take through-traffic and lorries away from rue du Petit Rhin. The new rue du péage will pass under the tram line, to the east of the RheinFischer building.

> The first inhabitants and employees move into the district.

> Opening of the southern part of the Parc du Petit Rhin and the linear park of the bassin Vauban.

> Opening of the Starlette mobility centre (shared public parking and mobility services for local inhabitants and employees).

> Opening of the Petit Rhin kindergarten and primary school

Living in Starlette

  • On the eastern side, an urban park, built in the hollow of the old bed of the Petit Rhin
  • On the western side, a linear park along the bassin Vauban
  • Neighbourhood shops and a new school, next to the tram station and the parc du petit Rhin
  • Stepped building design, offering views of the Cathedral and the Port, the Vosges and the Black Forest
  • Access for local traffic through rue du Petit Rhin, leaving the district free from through-traffic (taken away by the new rue du péage)
  • Wide-ranging services, high visibility, easy access and a high-quality environment for people working in the district.