The project factory

Why build, how, and with whom? How to reconcile city and nature? Why reduce the distance between where people live and where they work? How can citizens be involved in their future living environment? The new project is about re-thinking how to design the city so that traditional approaches can be left behind and plans adapted to suit the locality. Here we let you in on a few “manufacturing”  secrets.

The four project districts exemplify a new, more contextual, more holistic approach to city planning. The strategy implemented by the SPL Deux-Rives (a publicly-owned local development corporation), Strasbourg City Hall and the Eurometropolis combines environmental and biodiversity protection, respect for historical and cultural heritage, high quality public spaces, parks and gardens, transport services, and a broad range of different activities. This holistic approach is necessarily collective, calling on the active participation of inhabitants, local residents, users, and economic operators. The new features of the chosen method are described here.